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How can I sign up for food deliveries?

You can sign up for a hamper by following this link to our google form. Sign up opens on the 20th of the month before and closes when it fills. For example- if you would like to sign up for March, sign up would open February 20th.

Sign-ups for deliveries operate on a monthly basis. We have a capacity of 80 households we can support each month.

Where do you deliver?

We are only able to provide hampers to folks whose postal codes start with: V8X, V8N, V8P, V8R, V8T, V8W, V8S, V8V and V9A. We do not have the ability to deliver to Sooke and the West Shore.

How will I know if I’m getting a delivery?

Hampers go out on Tuesdays, and on Monday nights we send confirmation emails to everyone who is receiving a hamper. If you fill out the form and submit it, you will receive hampers for the next month unless you hear otherwise from us.

What comes in a delivery?

What comes in the deliveries can vary a lot from week to week. 90% of the food we distribute is rescued, and comes from several grocery stores. For this reason we don’t always have control over what we have to distribute. We aim to balance the deliveries as much as we can by purchasing and adding staples like rice, beans, milk, peanut butter etc. 

Generally you can expect produce, 1-2 bread products, dairy, rice, and a protein source.

How will I get my delivery if I sign up?

All of our deliveries are delivered Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 4. We ask that folks can have someone home during this time to receive the food. If you live in a house, the delivery can be left at your doorstep. If you live in an apartment building you must be home during this time frame. You can also leave delivery instructions for the delivery drivers.

What if I’m not home during the delivery time? Can it be delivered at another time?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any variations to this delivery schedule. We are a completely community and volunteer-run operation, and only have access to the space we use until 3pm, and are unable to store the hampers, or send them out at a later time.

Can I pick up my food?

At this point, we are unable to accommodate pick-ups. We have to limit how many people are on site due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Can I ask for non-health related dietary preferences to be accommodated in my delivery?

It is difficult for us to accommodate specific requests about what is in the deliveries. Each week we receive 90% of our available food from local grocers, and it is up to their stock and discretion what we receive. We are happy to make accommodations for allergies and other health related needs and exclude foods as needed. Beyond this, we are unable to accommodate specific requests due to the limits of our own capacity. Deliveries are not recommended for severe food allergies as we cannot guarantee zero cross-contamination.